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  • KTO 011 / KTS 011 thermostat din rail

Product Name:thermostat din rail

Product Model:KTO 011 / KTS 011



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  • Parameters


 ¹ When connecting with wires, wire end ferrules must be used.


  • Features

> Large setting range

> Small size

> Simple to mount

> High switching performance

  • Structure Chart

thermostat din railthermostat din railthermostat din rail

  • Certification
  • Thermostat CE-EMC

    Thermostat CE-EMC

  • Thermostat CE-LVD

    Thermostat CE-LVD

  • Thermostat RoHS

    Thermostat RoHS

  • Thermostat RoHS

    Thermostat RoHS

  • Application

KTO 011: Thermostat (normally closed); contact breaker for regulating heaters. The contact opens when temperature is rising.

KTS 011: Thermostat (normally open); contact maker for regulating of filter fans and heat exchangers or for switching signal devises when temperature limit has been exceeded. The contact closes when temperature is rising.

Important note: The contact system of the regulator is subjected to environmental influences, thus the contact resistance may change. This can lead to a voltage drop and/or self-heating of the contacts.

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